Thursday, July 5, 2018

Physical therapy at home while recovering from knee surgery and getting ready for brain surgery

I am recovering well from the knee surgery 2 days ago

With the restriction of staying home and in bed most of the time, I am getting into a rhythm of regular life as normal as possible. The only physical work I have to do regularly is to drag myself on my bum from the bed to the bathroom and back. Doing well with it; nothing much to complain about there. 

In addition, I am able to get back to work on my computer a few hours a day.

The doctors have arranged for an Optiflex K1 Knee CPM machine for helping with physical therapy while my knee is immobilized and healing from the surgery. The technician visited our home the evening of the surgery and trained us on how to use the machine. Quite simple indeed. The recommendation is that I should put my knee through the constant motion machine for six hours a day. Starting with a flex from 0 degrees to 30 degrees and possibly going up to 90 degrees flex in a couple of weeks. 

We tried it out for the first time yesterday and found it easy to use as well as convenient to be on it for hours. So it should not be too difficult to meet the recommended 6 hours flexing requirement per day.

Since I am immobilized for a few days after the surgery, I am at a risk for blood clots from the lack of movement. I am making sure I move my toes and ankles as much as possible, and as frequently as possible. Just moving my base from the bedroom to the living room and back for no other reason than to just move around.

So all in all the smooth-sailing with the knee surgery continues.

The brain surgery has been scheduled for Thursday, July 19th afternoon at Boulder Community Health. The wheels are turning and everything is falling into place. Hoping that it turns out to be as smooth of an experience as the knee surgery, and with no adverse side-effects whatsoever, despite the position of the tumor in close proximity to the motor cortex controlling the movement of the right side of the body.

Fingers crossed - with a prayer on our lips - for a continued tide of good luck and fortune in this journey.

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  1. Praying for a speedy recovery and successful brain surgery! You are a champ Prakash! Keep Fighting that monster!


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