Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Addendum to the 'Running will save me' story

An additional marathoning related goal that inspires me is to run a marathon in all 50 states in the United States and in as many countries as possible.
This goal would mean I will be running a lot over the next few years. In addition, this goal would make it possible for me to travel a lot with my wife and daughter!
This goal has inspired me to register for - or consider registering for - many marathons this year in the states within driving distance from our home in Longmont. 

Here are some marathons on my planning horizon (RegisteredConsideringDone):
  1. Los Angeles Marathon on Mar 18, 2018 : I had a great time running this marathon! So California is the third state - after Pennsylvania and New York states - where I have completed a marathon.
  2. Eisenhower Marathon in Abilene, KS on April 7, 2018 : Was a bit concerned about registering for this marathon which is just 3 weeks after the LA Marathon. However, my objections were easily overcome by the temptation of picking up another state with just a 8 hour road-trip. 
  3. Colfax Marathon in Denver, CO on May 20, 2018 : My home state. Finally. After an abandoned attempt at running the Denver Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in 2012 or 2013. And another abandoned attempt at running the Colfax marathon in 2015(?)
  4. Mt. Evans Ascent on June 9, 2018 : Not a marathon. However, I expect this one to be the toughest of all the races I have planned to run this year. That is so because this race of 14.5 miles will start at the altitude of 10,600 feet, and goes up to the Mount Evans peak at an altitude of 14,264 feet. I better start doing some hill running if I want to finish this race with stringent cut-off times (A 2.5 hour cut-off for getting to Summit Lake which is 9 miles into the run at an elevation of 12,850 feet, and the finish line will be closed after 4.5 hours).
  5. Angel Fire Adventure Marathon in Angel Fire, New Mexico on July 1, 2018 : Another easy-to-pick-up state with just a 6.5 hour road-trip from our home. Haven't registered for it yet. I guess I am waiting to see if I will survive the first couple of marathons I have signed up for before I sign up for this race. 😆 UPDATE on March 31st 2018: Decided against this event, to focus on the Cheyenne + Chicago events in September.
  6. Maah Daah Hey Trail Marathon in Medora, North Dakota on July 28, 2018 : Yet to register for this Trail Marathon that is 9 hours away from home. The "Trail" part of it makes it a bit scary. UPDATE on March 31st 2018: Decided against this event, to focus on the Cheyenne + Chicago events in September.
  7. Cheyenne Marathon in Cheyenne, Wyoming on September 23, 2018 : This is probably the most easiest state for me to pick up, as it is little over an hour's drive away from my home. I am a bit concerned about the timing as this marathon is just 2 weeks away from Chicago Marathon for which I have already registered, and very excited to run as it is a BIG CITY MARATHON. This race could be an ideal preparation for Chicago Marathon. Or it could so happen that I crash and burn at either one or both of Cheyenne and Chicago Marathons. 😆
  8. Chicago Marathon in Chicago, Illinois on October 7, 2018 : BIG CITY MARATHON!! I am so there for all the thrills and magic.
  9. Moab Trail Marathon in Moab, Utah on November 3, 2018 : 6-8 hours away from home. A solid reason for finally visiting Arches & Canyonlands National Parks for the first time.
  10. Houston Marathon 2019 in Houston, Texas on January 20, 2019 :  I had registered to run the Houston Marathon in January 2017, but then the brain surgery in November 2016 put an end to those plans. Visiting our family in Houston is an additional bonus for this marathon. UPDATE on March 31st 2018: Decided against this event to focus on preparing for the Fort Lauderdale event instead.
  11. Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on February 17, 2019 : Registered for this Marathon as one of the first few participants to avail of the Early bird discount. 😃 Also purchased the Registration Protection so I can get my Registration fee back if my plans change and I can't go there. Fort Lauderdale was the first place I lived in the US when I moved to US for work back in 1998! So very excited about running on my old stomping grounds next year. Since we have family members living in Fort Lauderdale now, this would be a family visit trip as well. Also, a week in Sunny Florida, away from the cold weather in Colorado in the middle of winter seems to be a wonderful idea. Lastly, I do miss the Atlantic Ocean! Looking forward to spending a lot of time on the beach next February. 😆
So a lot of Marathoning for me in the near future. 😆💪

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