Sunday, May 13, 2018

My daughter. My pillar of strength

My daughter Aisiri turned three, eleven days after my Craniotomy & the subsequent diagnosis with a terminal Cancer. She has been an amazing and magical presence in my life during this testing times, and a source of immense strength. 

My wife and I - being grownups - understand what a Glioblastoma diagnosis means, and tend to get lost in worries or regrets. By being in the past with "What did we do to bring this monstrosity on ourselves?", "What could we have done different?", and other questions. Or by being in the future  with "What will happen if I die tomorrow?", "How will we manage if I lose my ability to work soon?", "Where will we get the money to pay the rent if my income plummets?",  and other questions. 

Aisiri being at a age where she is just about to understand what is going on around her, and express herself, has thankfully none of that tendency to worry or fret. She has many a time told me "OK, you have a scar on your head. Now come play with me!" πŸ‘Ά 

Aisiri is the wisest among the 3 of us, always being in the present!
On a day to day basis, she is actively involved in my treatment and medication. Here she is converting the surgilast strip I use to cover the Optune arrays as a hairband, bringing playfulness to a sombre activity. πŸ’–

She is always reminding me to take my daily medications, often "helping" me with it. πŸ˜‰

At times, she can be the hard task-master, reminding me to not scratch the itch when my head becomes itchy with a stern "NO SCRATCHING!"

Today, it being Mothers Day, I want to pay tribute to my wife for bringing an amazing bundle of joy into our life. And also celebrate the wonderful mother that my daughter will be in the future.


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