Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Continuing with Physical Therapy and Chemo Therapy

This bench at a neighborhood park will be my best friend over the next few weeks/months. 😆

I discovered a few days ago that it is impossible for me to step on to this bench with my left feet on the bench. No problem whatsoever with stepping up onto the bench with my right foot. 

The difference between the two legs is that 

The injured left leg is still very weak 10 months after the surgery. While trying to step up onto the bench with my left leg, my body refuses to transfer the full weight from the right leg on the ground to the left leg on the bench. I was able to identify this deficit and understand what was happening thanks to the weekly Physical Therapy sessions I am undergoing over the last few weeks. 

Even though I was advised to start on physical therapy immediately after the knee surgery, I had ignored it for some reason or the other. Trying to run again early this year and failing miserably at that effort made it clear that I need to get help from qualified professionals. 

I will have to strengthen the muscles in my lower leg and around the knee to be able to run again soon. Lot of Leg Presses and Lunges and Squats in my near future in an attempt to strengthen my lower leg and knee. 💪

Last week I took the second dose of Lomustine (3 tablets totaling 180mg for chemotherapy) after the first dose taken six weeks ago. The weekly bloodwork came back normal during each of the six weekly hospital visits. Hope the same trend continues through the following cycles of chemotherapy. 

I have a follow up MRI scheduled for next Wednesday May 29th that would let us know how all of the treatment since my third craniotomy in January 2019 - Radiation Therapy, Optune, Chemotherapy - are impacting the surgery bed area in the brain. 

Praying and hoping for a clean bill of health next week. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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