Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Moment's bad judgment leads to serious consequences

Yesterday, on Saturday, June 23,2018, I started from my home at around 5am with the intention of running the 11 miles round-trip route from my place to McIntosh lake and back. I did not get too far in that journey as I got hit by a car within 5 minutes.
Just as I exited Willow Farm Park and was crossing 89th street and getting to Creg road, a car was coming towards me very slowly. Seeing as it was coming slowly, I assumed the driver had seen me and would either stop or turn. That did not happen. The Car hit me very forcefully and made he hit my head and legs very hard on the pavement. The driver offered to call 911 and get me to the hospital. I refused the offer as I did not want to take a very expensive ride to the hospital in an ambulance. Also, I was thinking my injuries were not very serious and that some first-aid is all I needed. The driver accompanied me to my home. My wife - a medical professional (gynecologist in India examined my injuries and concluded I was in need of professional care. So she drove me to the emergency room and into the care of capable folks. A CT Scan and X-rays confirmed there was no intra-cranial bleeding. And that there were two broken bones in my legs. Additionally, there were two serious injuries at the back of my head and over my left eyebrow requiring a few staples and stitches.
The stitches will be removed in 5-6 days. It will take 5-6 weeks for the broken bones to heal. So, I will be an invalid for the next 4-5 weeks at least.

Since my legs are broken it is advisable that I don't walk around and put weight on the broken bones.

thankfully, some good friends who live in the ground floor of a neighboring apartment have made it easy for me by accommodating us at their apartment and preventing the need for me to climb up and down two sets of stairs to our 3rd-floor apartment.

One silver-lining from this unfortunate incident is that this experience of being an invalid is a good rehearsal run for the series of brain surgeries coming up in the near future to deal with the glioblastoma recurrence.


  1. Oh my GOD. Will stay in touch.......

  2. holy shit, I am so sorry this happened. Can I help you in any way?

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